Flexing my brain... might. by Chris T

So I'm extremely happy at AndroidAuthority. Wanna know why? Because they let me be a damn expert and help educate rather than gloss over critical concepts.

To that end, I've been having a ball writing explainers on concepts relating to personal audio and imaging. Here are some of my best lately:

But I gotta say, my two standouts have to be How smartphone cameras work and What is isolation.

That's it for now, but more on the way!


Back in Tech Land by Chris T

Holy hell it sucks to work for yourself.

After freelancing and working for myself for the better part of a year, I'm back with a steady gig, this time at AndroidAuthority! Well, SoundGuys for now, but that may change as time goes on.

I'll miss cameras, but at least I'm back into doing product photography, and I'm much better at video work now. I wish my D600 hadn't bit the dust with a shard of its own mirror, but whaddaya gonna do. Anyways, onto content:





Man I am awful at regular updates by Chris T

So as you've probably guessed, I've been busy (shocking, I know). Here's a brief roundup of stuff I've published in the last year. I added a section of portrait photos on the front page, and I've been pruning/replacing images in the other galleries to reflect my more current publishes.


Planar magnetic cans are awesome, and Audeze's Sine are cool as hell; expensive, but not as bad at the AK T8ie. However, you can never go wrong with an old favorite like the ATH-M50x, or maybe a wireless set of buds like the Decibullz Wireless


I spent most of my time this year on imaging, so this one's gonna be a long segment—get a bag ready. First the awesome: Sony's A7R II is incredible, and Panasonic's GX85 with dual-IS is absolutely insane, along with the higher-end GX8. Panasonic's G7 is also pretty decent, but lags behind the GX85. Canon's 5DS is a megapixel monster, and Fuji's X70 is one of the all-time great point-and-shoots.

I reviewed a few disappointing models too, including the Canon EOS 80D, and the Canon EOS M3.

Getting back to point-and-shoots:

 Nikon's AW130 still rocks, even after a year.

Nikon's AW130 still rocks, even after a year.


I took a deep dive on Chromebooks and who they're a good choice for. Not my usual format, but I think it worked fairly well.


I got all the paperwork through, and May 1st was the 1st anniversary of my personal company, ProtoMulti.media! I've had a few clients so far, but it's nice to have.


That's it for now, but I imagine I'll be publishing soon. You can always follow me on twitter at @cthomastech for more timely updates.

Lenses by Chris T

Good lord it takes me forever to update. That's probably due in no small part to my involvement in getting Reviewed.com's Lenses site up and running. 

Check it out for yourself-but definitely check out the science pages. That's where you can see my heatmaps generated by my recent foray into R programming. That was a fun project to work on. The testing? Not so much: for every lens review published, we tested three. Meaning, the total corpus of data used for that scoring model was enormous. 

Anyways, I'm very proud of it- I think my design chops and burgeoning coding skills have done well for each other. I've been doing all sorts of things in R to try to make life easier, but those projects aren't as pretty.