A Sampling of Past Articles / by Chris T

Chances are good that you already know who I am, but for those of you who don't, a sampling of my favorite recent publishes might help paint a picture of what I do. I've published objective reviews of all manner of consumer electronics—including eReaders, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, televisions, printers, operating systems, and video games.

I'll run down some of my favorite reviews and features, but there are hundreds more that aren't discussed here.

eReader and Tablet Reviews

This review was a fun one not only because it marked a return to eReaders after an extended absence, but also because I was able to flex some of my social media chops with Instagram and Twitter embeds. Fight the urge to skip the science page, because there's a good explanation of eReader electrode density and image quality. I had a fun time with the chalkboard on that one.

Tablet reviews are an ever-changing animal, and my take on the latest and greatest often get published in multiple places (this one hit the top of Google Tech news) . It's an exciting category, and I'm looking forward to the next wave starting up in earnest in the coming days—iPad Air on Friday!


News and Features

It wasn't that long ago that tablets (and Android in particular) were in a strange place as far as OS design goes. Manufacturers are still feeling out mobile design because, well, it's still so new. Though it's less topical now, I wrote an article detailing why some consumers may elect to void their warranties and take control of their tablets.

Because of its niche in the operating system world, Ubuntu doesn't get much commercial attention, but I was one of the very few people to get the opportunity to get an advance look at the mobile OS in 2013.  Not having the required Linux-running desktop for the install was a setback, but I was able to install it on a tablet using some command-prompt/ADB trickery.


Camera News and Reviews

Like I mentioned before, I cover many product categories, and recently I've been covering camera news along with camera reviews (full review here). There's a lot of stuff that have been lost to the sands of time, but I'm much more proud of recent work. Not having to re-write an HTML template for each page and element allows me to put a lot more time into each piece.

Learning more about cameras has also given me a much better understanding of composition in photography and layout. I've been having a lot of fun with this as of late. 


Headphone Reviews

For a long time headphones were my jam. My academic training in linguistics and my interest in electronics really let me bring a lot of expertise to bear on a subject that is rife with conflicting opinions and not much understanding. 

Being able to review each set objectively gave me a huge advantage, and when we needed to rebuild our testing procedures (shown here), I was able to re-script them with the help and tutelage of Listen Inc. It didn't matter if the cans were enthusiast headphones (like the AKG Q701), consumer headphones (like the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro), or gaming headsets (Logitech G230)—I framed and explained all sorts of performance points in easier to understand terms without resorting to unquantifiable adjectives and ambiguous terminology. It wasn't uncommon for my reviews to get picked up on USAToday.com.

What's Next?

Who knows?! I'm blessed to be in the situation I am, and I'm fascinated by the topics I write about. I'll be covering CES this year, but stay tuned for short posts on topics that become important. I can tell you for sure that mobile operating systems are going to get a good, hard look in the coming months.

All the best,