Burnout / by Chris T

Most people assume that product reviewers get a lot of time with their products, and that they pretty universally have a lot of time to use it, write about it, and wait for the NDA to expire. 

Not so for flagship launches of some tablets/mobile devices. Today I caught a whiff of a rumor that the new iPad mini was in town, and I managed to get my hands on it and review it before most of the big competitors.

Because this is the season for best-of-year awards and major flagship launches, products that you can't get on loan become red-alert, 5-alarm "must review NOW" things that end up taking precedence over everything else.

It took the help of some coworkers, but I had a (mostly) full review of the new iPad mini up in one day—purchased, lab tested, photographed, benchmarked, written about, and published in a tiny window that I'm proud of. 

After taking two other reviews that normally take me four days minimum to finish, I'm hitting burnout. Can't wait for the holidays to save me from... oh yeah, CES is happening right after.