Okay, it's been a while / by Chris T

No updates generally means I'm working full-tilt on things, and in this case it was trade shows. Thankfully, that's mostly over—leaving me to develop skills. 

In particular, I'm interested in roping social media traffic into content pieces. I realize that's something that's been done to death so far, but I'm quite fond of Instagram. I've known for a while you can edit videos and upload them, but it's stupendously finicky and frustrating to herd all the cats (Adobe software, mobile OS, app service) to where you want it all to go. 

With some XML trickery, I figured it out, and can churn something out rather quick—that is, once the video is made. To demonstrate, here's the world's stupidest instagram movie to make my point.

It's quite low-res, and I've since figured out how to up the quality some, but it's a fair demonstration that yes, Virginia, you can make your video clips shareable over mobile networks.

In the coming month, I plan on doing a series of football-related videos to hone my video-editing skills to make this a more fruitful endeavor. If you're interested in the process, or want me to do something like this for commercial purposes, head to the contact page to get a quote.

All the best,