Hobbies / by Chris T

Outside of work I don't get much time for hobbies that aren't tech-related, but one thing I've missed doing is gardening.

This year, my father in law got me a pepper plant to grow in the office. Not just any pepper plant, mind you, but the Trinidad Scorpion (1.4million SHU). For those keeping track at home, the habanero pepper is 350,000SHU at worst, and the ghost pepper (bhut jolokia) is 1million SHU.

The largest of the six isn't red yet.

The largest of the six isn't red yet.

This is a spicy freakin' pepper.

Despite it being cold outside, I tended this plant at my desk starting in the winter, and as of today there are 6 of these hell bastard peppers growing. I think I'll make hot sauce out of two, but I'm at a loss as to what I should do with the other four.