Man I am awful at regular updates / by Chris T

So as you've probably guessed, I've been busy (shocking, I know). Here's a brief roundup of stuff I've published in the last year. I added a section of portrait photos on the front page, and I've been pruning/replacing images in the other galleries to reflect my more current publishes.


Planar magnetic cans are awesome, and Audeze's Sine are cool as hell; expensive, but not as bad at the AK T8ie. However, you can never go wrong with an old favorite like the ATH-M50x, or maybe a wireless set of buds like the Decibullz Wireless


I spent most of my time this year on imaging, so this one's gonna be a long segment—get a bag ready. First the awesome: Sony's A7R II is incredible, and Panasonic's GX85 with dual-IS is absolutely insane, along with the higher-end GX8. Panasonic's G7 is also pretty decent, but lags behind the GX85. Canon's 5DS is a megapixel monster, and Fuji's X70 is one of the all-time great point-and-shoots.

I reviewed a few disappointing models too, including the Canon EOS 80D, and the Canon EOS M3.

Getting back to point-and-shoots:

Nikon's AW130 still rocks, even after a year.

Nikon's AW130 still rocks, even after a year.


I took a deep dive on Chromebooks and who they're a good choice for. Not my usual format, but I think it worked fairly well.

I got all the paperwork through, and May 1st was the 1st anniversary of my personal company,! I've had a few clients so far, but it's nice to have.


That's it for now, but I imagine I'll be publishing soon. You can always follow me on twitter at @cthomastech for more timely updates.