On to Cincinnati / by Chris T

Well, that was unexpected. Getting laid off was a surprise, but I'll be okay. Currently freelancing for a site out of Cinci (hence the title) called Storagereview.com. Things are going pretty well so far, but still looking for full-time work.

In the meantime, I figured it was a good a chance as any to brush up on my Adobe CC skills. Namely, I wanted to teach myself to bring photos to life through animation. Eventually I'll get to animating video clips, but for now I think my experiments are a promising start.

With Belichick as my muse, I went back to old football moments to see what I could do to bring photos to life. The results... are interesting.

Fun with layers to add things like snow in 3D space.

This was edited in 4K, but bandwidth concerns make for a harsh reality.

So yeah. Obviously that could have been done better, but as a proof of concept I'm happy with it. Click here for the full version.

Oh well, practice!