Sprints by Chris T

So this month I published an insane amount of content, both photo and review. 

I'll be picking up cameras on Monday, but This month I published some of my favorite reviews ever in the iPad Air, and iPad mini; containing all sorts of mixed media like social media embeds, video, and some of my better exposition. The latter saw some serious exposure after the gamut I measured caused some enthusiast controversy both domestic and in China, which was interesting to see.

Tablets published include the aforementioned iPads, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Both Kindle Fire HDX models (publishing soon,) and the Microsoft Surface 2, which resulted in a rare shoutout by a manufacturer:

I'm happy to see my work getting steady traffic, which seems to come from the merit of the content itself—if the forums posts I read are to be believed.

Some of the later reviews lean heavily on video. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in particular:

I also did a some photo work for Reviewed Cameras. Shot and 'shopped the hero and design photos for the Canon S120 review, which came out well, I think. My Sony HX50V review got syndicated, as well.

Stay tuned—Surprises coming Monday!